HYPNOSIS-berlin, consists of certified fashion designers Niklas Kauffeld and Matthis Jahn. Since early 2008 they have presented their biannual collections for women’s apparel.

The distinctive style of HYPNOSIS-berlin has found many admirers world-wide on account of exceptional design and wear-ability seen in every collection. Jersey materials are thoughtfully draped and transformed into modern and wearable looks and often described as “jersey couture".
The individual collections are a fusion of sophisticated design with an emphasis on a comfortable fit.
HYPNOSIS-berlin works substantially with black and grey yet is sure to use a few striking trend colors every season to offset the neutral base.

Prints are avoided with a focus on solid colors and little structure in the silhouettes contributing to an interesting contrast between wearer and environment.
Wear-ability and the avant-garde come together in the collections to form a symbiotic relationship. Many pieces in the collections have multifunctional aspects rounding out the entire look of the collections.

With a heavy understanding in craftsmanship, pattern pieces are created to give unexpected silhouettes that are flattering on a wide range of body sizes. Details create a harmonious yet highly functioning affect.

Playing with volume has become a typical stylistic means of HYPNOSIS-berlin. In addition to convenience and wear-ability of the form, the game of volume also allows for skillfully hidden problem areas.

HYPNOSIS-berlin works each season with overlapping themes of inspiration. The main focus of each collection, however, is a specific pattern development process involving core geometric pattern construction. Within this unique process emerges asymmetries, displaced elements and pleasantly unexpected silhouettes upon wear.